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4-Ward-E-Motion is a full service web hosting solution
For Small and Medium Businesses.

Where you get low cost web services with high quality support.
Supporting the People of Central MN.

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What is web hosting?

The World Wide Web (www) is a collection of computers that do various "things". Of these "Things" is hosting web pages. Web pages are "things that your browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape, AOL) reads and translates to what you see on your computer screen. This could be words, pictures, animations, music and video. A web host gathers stores and distributes all of this information.

Our reasonably priced web hosts are compatible with industry standards. End users can use any web creation tools they want and get it to our servers. We support CGI, ASP, FrontPage Extensions and JAVA. We also support POP, SMTP and IMAP e-mail, which can be used with any e-mail client such as Eudora, Outlook and Outlook express. We also support mySQL, SQL Server and Access databases. If you donít know what any of this is you can ask your web developer. See our price list for hosting costs.


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What e-mail services will meet your needs?

There can be more to e-mail than sending messages back and forth.

  • You can set up your e-mail to forward to one or several other mail users. This is used by companies that have a single INFO or SALES mailbox.
  • Whenever someone send you a message, you may wish to have a response automatically sent to the user. Say a thank you message or someone will get a hold of you shortly. We can set this up for you. In fact we can set it up so can have several responses based on the content of the original message.
  • You may wish to send one message to several people, but each person has only their name on the TO: list. Using just your local mail client, each message would be sent one at a time, tying your communications line. We support distribution list processing, where you send on message to our server, and then it sends the mail out to each person on your list.
  • A list server is a central place where a person sends an e-mail and everyone on the list gets a copy of the mail. This is a common method used by support groups (both personal and technical). Anyone on the list can use this feature. We can set up and maintain a list server for you.



What is secure online file transfer & storage?

Accountant’s Secure Online File Transfer and Storage sets up a “virtual” shared disk space that only you and your clients can view. Your clients will be able to transfer and access their personal financial files through a secure user name and password program. You, as their accountant, will be able to communicate with your clients, and edit, view and transfer files securely.
This system provides two levels of security through:

  1. A secure, web-accessible, file storage space to place and access accounting files; and
  2. Encryption and decryption of your clients’ files combined with password protection.

How does this all work?
4ward-E-motion will set up a SSL FTP (File Transfer Protocol) server that acts as a vault for files transferred, stored, and accessed in it. For you convenience, 4ward-E-Motion maintains a list of where your clients’ files are stored and who is allowed access to them. The encryption/decryption service allows you to encode a file to send and only those who have access to both the password and Key to that file can decrypt it.
But wait, there is more!
Beyond the additional security that the Accountant’s Secure File Transfer and Storage service provides, it also makes sending and receiving files easier and more efficient. When you or a client sends large files via email, your email system is tied up for a large amount of time. FTP is a more efficient method of transferring files and when you save time, you save your client money.

What are Picture Galleries?

View this as on online Photo Album.For $2.00 per month, you can have a private photo album that only you can update, and only people you want, can view the pictures. You may choose a template of how you want the photos to look, and you can add pictures and notations at any time.
What is real time Internet chat?

This is sometimes called instant messaging. If a person is signed on to a meeting, other people can page them and have on-line discussions with them. These can be private chats, where only people you allow can be in them. A person can be in several chat rooms at a time and hold multiple discussions. Our offering differs in that this is a private chat line, and you can allow only the people you want to chat with.

What are mail lists?

A mail list contains a list of people that have a common interest. If you send mail to this list, the mail is automatically distributed to all the people on the list. These can be used for clubs and special interest groups.

This is different in the Mail list you have on your PC. It is a list shared by everyone on the list.

What is an electronic storefront?

Simple, is place where people can buy and sell products. We have a special programs called AbleCommerce and osCommerce, which allows you or a designer to put up a custom styled E-store, keep accurate records of sales and contacts, and provide a secure interface to your Merchant (Electronic Bank) account. You can have multiple grouping of products, preferred user discounts, sales

If you have your own storefront software, you can use our services at our normal rates.

We will support your osCommerce or Able Commerce web site.

What is an ASP?

ASP stands for Application Service Provider. These can help you save money on license fees and keeping multiple copies of applications update. You can actually run applications on the Web through your web browser. There are special inexpensive net devices cost less than $200.00. See for an example of one of these devices.

Current applications supported are in the Star Office Suite from Sun. This includes e-mail, presentation software, word processing, spreadsheet and calendaring. These applications are much like Microsoft Office Suite of applications. We can host other application if you choose. Just contact us and find out what we can do for you.

What are discussion groups?

A discussion group is sometimes called a forum or a bulletin board. It is a place where people can place messages and other people can read them later. Just like a bulletin board at school. 4-ward-E-motion uses a tool call WebBoard. It can be either public or private, have special groups of interested and be accessed through e-mail or a web browser. Not only can a person set up the discussion group to be open to everyone or closed to all but a few, but in each board you can set each topic to be open to all in the board, close to all but a few or ready only to the majority of the board.

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